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Our horticulture farm is a family-owned business with long history. We operate in an area of 9ha in the city of Szczecin, Poland. Entire production is grown exclusively in the greenhouses. We specialize in strawberry young plants, strawberry fruits, raspberry fruits and flowers.

TOP-PLANT™ is a leading producer of Strawberry Young Plants in the region. We focus on the best varieties, so our customers keep coming back satisfied and recommend us to their friends. We offer over 20 varieties, many of which are licensed and developed by Europe’s most well known suppliers from United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy.

Entire production is grown exclusively in the greenhouses, so we have 100% control over the quality and repeatability of products. We are truly proud of our strawberries.

Our young plants already grow sweet and aromatic fruits in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republik, Poland – and other European countries. Since few years we constantly increase the productive capacity and beating new records of sales.

To assure high standards our Horticulture Farm is under continuous surveillance of Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

TOP-PLANT Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Krzysztof Woroch
ul. Ustowo 81
71-001 Szczecin, Poland
Vat number:  PL5850203086
REGON number: 220815312

Jordgubbsproducent TOP PLANT
plant producer

Strawberry plants

Jordgubbsplantor frigo
Strawberry plant varieties
Strawberry plant varieties
strawberry nursery

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