Frigo Plants: What Are They?

“Frigo” (or “bare-root”) refers to both a type of strawberry plantlets and a specific production technology, nothing more.

What does this involve?

  • In short, Frigo plantlets are leafless plantlets🌱 pulled out of cold storage, where they have been kept since being dug up from the nursery (digging usually takes place at the end of autumn or the beginning of winter, after their vegetation period has ended)
  • Such plantlets, in a state of so-called winter dormancy, are planted into the ground in spring, up to the beginning of summer.☀️
  • Frigo plantlets generally take root quite well and after about 2 months from planting, they produce their first fruits🍓, the quantity of which increases with the strength of the plantlets planted.

In my opinion, it is not worth planting plantlets smaller than class A+,  with a crown diameter of less than 15 mm, because the first yield will be very weak.

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