Well, one would like to plant strawberries as densely as possible, hoping for a high yield. On the other hand, there is a reasonable limit to the number of plants per unit area,and overcrowding will cause individual plants to compete with each other for water and nutrients, and the ripening fruit, because of lack of sufficient sunlight, will be finer and not as sweet as it could be. In addition, due to the increased humidity in a patch of overcrowded plants, conditions will be favorable for various fungal infections, especially gray mold. On the basis of my many years’ experience, I do not recommend planting more densely than 6 plants per 1 m2, and strongly growing varieties even less, i.e. max. I do not recommend planting more dense than 6 plants per 1 m2, and strong growing varieties even less, i.e. max. 5 per 1 m2. Hence, I can suggest spacing of e.g. 35cmx60cm or 25cmx70cm or 20cmx80cm. Let’s not forget that in the following years of cultivation, in spite of removing the growing runners, some part of the young cuttings will always manage to root and thus the density of plants will increase, whether we want it or not. Moreover, it is worth remembering that wide paths between the rows will make it easier to take care of our “plantation”. – weeding, possible spraying and also harvesting the fruit

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