This is one of the key maintenance steps in growing strawberries. If we were to abandon it, our strawberries would soon become overcrowded and nothing good would come of it, ie:excessive plant density does not promote proper aeration, which results in increased humidity inside the crop and increases the risk of fungal infections, especially grey mould. Too many plants per unit area means that the individual plants start to compete with each other for water and light. The result is that the fruit is born finer and, deprived of sunlight, becomes less sweet.It is best to remove the decay before the cuttings start to root. The earlier the better. The strawberry plant, thanks to its ‘wits’, knows that since it cannot reproduce vegetatively (we make itimpossible by removing the stems), it must do so generatively, i.e. bloom and bear fruit (and seeds). In a word, early removal stimulates the strawberry plants to generate more flower buds forthe following year and, consequently, increases the yield. Removing runners is not difficult. All you need is a willingness to do so and a sharp knife, perhaps a secateurs.

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