There is no simple answer to this. Strawberries, like any other plant, should be watered when they need it. So it all depends on the weather pattern. Strawberries need the most water afterflowering, at the time of strong growth and fruit ripening (usually from the end of May through June). A shortage of water during this period always results in small fruit and a strong drop in yield.Of course, after the end of fruiting, there are also periods of drought. Therefore, when necessary, it is worth ensuring soil moisture for strawberries throughout the growing season, even until lateautumn. It is worth remembering that the whole autumn up until the end of the growing season is the period in which the flower buds for next year are formed. There is a simple relationship: thebetter the condition of the plants in autumn, the more flowers will form in spring. Hence, our advice: water them as often as necessary, on hot summer days even every day

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