If you don’t have the opportunity to water strawberries, it’s better not to plant them at all. Water is the most important factor affecting the size of the fruit. Strawberries in the so called vegetative stage, that is, in the period of leaf and rhizome growth, do not have excessive water needs, however, during the period of growth and ripening of the fruit the situation changes dramatically. If inthis period we happen to dry out the plants (and a lack of rainfall in June is nothing unusual), the effect of this may be pitiful: the fruit will start to shrink and, in an extreme situation, they will resemble forest strawberries rather than strawberries. All our efforts to plant the plants and look after them later will have been in vain. We must not let this happen. Let’s water them during the fruit-growing period. And, to tell the truth, it doesn’t matter in what form we supply the water to them (with a hose, watering cans, sprinklers or drip irrigation), aslong as we don’t run out of it at this so-called critical moment.

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