This is undoubtedly the most pleasant period in the whole “production process” and, as if, the crowning of our efforts ;-). Especially happy are the first strawberries – the biggest and sweetest (atleast it seems so).Strawberries should be harvested fairly regularly, so that no overripe fruit remain on the bushes, which can easily “catch” gray mold and thus become a source of infection for the remaining,healthy fruit. In the above text I always referred to an area of 100m2 (fertilization, spraying, planting, etc.). If you are the owner of a strawberry ‘plantation’ of such an area and you manage to implement all (or at least most) of the above in your practice, I think you should harvest at least 300kg of fine strawberries, which I sincerely wish you (per hectare this would be 30 tons)

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