It all depends on the age of the plants, the variety, their health, their density, the water supply during fruit setting and growth, the abundance of nutrients in the soil, the presence of bees at the time of flowering, etc. etc. But, naturally, to some approximation, one may be tempted to make such an estimate. If we assume that a good yield from a production plantation, where e.g. 50 thousand plants grow on 1 ha, is e.g. 25 tons/ha, it means that on average 0.5 kg of fruit is collected from 1 plant. Therefore, if we plant 500 strawberry plants on the area of 100 sq. m, use healthy seedlings, do not let our crop get weedy or dry, do not forget about fertilizing and protection (preferably using biological preparations), then theoretically we can count on the yield of 250kg. In practice it can be even higher, but if we neglect some important element, it can be even lower

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