Let’s not look for the one and only best variety, because we won’t find it. If we have already decided to play at being a grower, we should choose at least a few varieties. If you are closing strawberries in your house to jars (jams, juices, preserves), you won’t find a better variety than Senga Sengana (the sweetest, darkest on the whole cross-section, easy to de-stalk, its smell and aroma even after taking it out of the freezer are wonderful). If you are not interested in preserves, but only in the taste and beauty of the fruit, your garden must not lack one of the typical dessert varieties such as Polka, Korona or Elsanta. Or maybe you would like to have strawberries in autumn? In this case, Ostara or Selva. By planting several varieties next to each other, we will prolong the harvesting period, minimize the risk of failure due to, for example, frost or fungal infections (some varieties are more resistant, others less), and also experience the extraordinary diversity, the nuances and flavor notes with which different varieties of strawberries differ.

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